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Title: Paste wormer
Post by: jsh on April 08, 2020, 05:30:04 am
 There has been talk on here lately about paste workers being inconsistent. The wormers  are labeled in pound increments - example you can treat in increments up to 1300 pounds on some.  I would think theoretically you could get two 650 pound animals worked out of one tube.  Wouldn’t the medication be distributed throughout the tube evenly if they are giving you the option to dose it by weight?

 Help me if I’m missing something here. Not trying to argue with anyone, just curious as to why this is the opinion on these wormers. Thanks.

Title: Re: Paste wormer
Post by: Austesus on April 08, 2020, 06:07:20 am
I’m interested in this as well. I give strongid and safe guard in a dose that’s about 3/4-1” squeezed out of the tube. Pretty much a tooth brush full of toothpaste. Ivermectin I do it about the same size as a pea.

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Title: Re: Paste wormer
Post by: Reuben on April 12, 2020, 02:38:06 am
I prefer paste over bottled...been doing it for many years and haven’t had a problem...all my dogs are kenneled on concrete so that is helpful...
I just bought a 6 pack of horse wormer paste for under 18 dollars and it treats 7,200 lbs. (ivermectin)...

Title: Re: Paste wormer
Post by: t-dog on April 12, 2020, 07:12:03 am
When I was using it, I went through a little time when I had a couple dogs that fell off and looked bad as well as not feeling good. After talking to a VERY knowledgeable dog man, he kept telling me it thought it was worms. I told him it couldn't be because I worm religiously. He of course asked what with and I told him the horse wormer. He said he didn't know then that he'd take them to a vet so I did. Both dogs were wormy  as all get out. I told the vet I couldn't understand why  because I'm a stickler about worming and what i use. He said that that was likely the problem along with the time of year. Just like you mentioned, most tubes of horse wormer are for a 1250# horse or a couple horses. The problem isn't if the wormer is actually in the tube but where. The wormer is made in bulk and then put in the tube. There's no way that it can be mixed perfectly even. It doesn't matter with the horse because he's getting the entire tube or atleast half of it if he's 625#. But because a 50# dog is getting so much less, it could actually get a dose that is mainly filler and not much wormer in the material for that small of dosage. With the dogs I had the problem with, I had used the same tube more than once because I didn't have but a few dogs then. So those couple dogs got a couple of weak doses in prime time of the year for worms. He checked one of my other dogs that was healthy just out of curiosity and it was clean. That was my experience and it made sense to me when he explained it like that to me. I don't use it anymore and haven't had trouble since. If you could shake it up like with the liquids it would be great because its sure enough easier and cleaner to work with most of the time.

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Title: Re: Paste wormer
Post by: Reuben on April 12, 2020, 12:11:55 pm
My go to and favorite wormer was strongid G and the generic brands since then...have raised many litters of pups on it over the years without any problems...the thing is pups need to be on a strict worming schedule as well as the dam...every now and then we must change workers to eliminate or minimize the chance of the worms building an immunity...

I don’t believe the average vet will condone using livestock medications on dogs and cats...it interferes with their livelihood...my opinion on that...