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Title: Garmin malfunctions
Post by: Cajun on May 18, 2020, 03:26:42 pm
  I have had the TT15s go out on occasion and run the tag along telemetry as backup. Had to use it yesterday. My Showtime pup quit communicating. I did have to go back to the truck to get the Quick Track but I found my dog. I have never lost a dog with telemetry and Garmins will malfunction for one reason or another given time.
  It was a easy fix tho. Just had to reset the collar as it's memory was full and quit tracking.

Title: Re: Garmin malfunctions
Post by: Mike on May 18, 2020, 03:45:05 pm
How did you reset the collar? When it quick tracking did it have the single blinking light?

Title: Re: Garmin malfunctions
Post by: The Old Man on May 18, 2020, 08:10:35 pm
I didn't know the collar had a memory, I have heard of doing a master reset on them though. That dc50 collar I bought from you several years ago is still going strong, I don't put the dogs name on the handheld since I take different dogs at different times but the collar I got from you is Cajun on the handheld.

Did you hold the button down for 30 seconds or so?? There is a way to reset them by hooking them to the computer and make a series of button pushes versus beeps as well, I don't remember exactly, at least that's the ways to reset the the 50's.      I have had them drop a dog once in a while and when that would happen I would remove the collar from the hand held and re-add it, then it would go back to tracking, have had that happen about 3 times in 5 yrs.

I recently bought a used but like new Alpha (had only been taken hunting twice) with the intention of starting to pick up some tt15 collars so I won't have to breed dogs with longer necks to hold all the collars haha. But anyway I can't get the bark alert to work on it, I have a Astro 430 I leave in the truck hooked to a long range antenna and carry the Alpha, the 430 will show them barking so many barks a minute which helps to determine if they are really treed or bayed as opposed to just stopped when they are way in there out of hearing, I googled how to turn it on in the Alpha, I called Double-U Hunting Supply and they walked me through the same process Google did and it still won't show , maybe it is a difference in the software of the dc 50 versus the tt15. It's not really causing a problem since if they are that far I am usually looking for them off a split race in the truck and can tell if they are treed or bayed before leaving to go to them.

Title: Re: Garmin malfunctions
Post by: Cajun on May 18, 2020, 08:47:32 pm
To do a reset on the collar, just hold the on-off button down. It will go thru a series of different beeps and after about a minute when everything quits beeping the red light will show and the collar has erased it's memory and is reset.