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 on: Today at 06:23:37 am 
Started by TShelly - Last post by TShelly
I think I have figured out how to catch boar hogs. It never fails when I try to start young dogs and would love for some good sow and pig hunts... I swear it seems like you will bay big boar hog after boar hog when you go to wanting some easy piggy hunts. Lol!!

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 on: Today at 05:34:44 am 
Started by TShelly - Last post by TShelly
We made a run up near Huntsville in a buddy’s deer lease.Met another 2 guys there that brought some dogs as well. We hunted around for a while. My 7 month old pups do like a deer. I guess they started 2 different races on them before Lacey ground out a track and bayed a solid boar hog. He sat there til everyone else did and we got him caught. We moved on a across the lease and cast into some more woods. One of Dane’s dogs sounded off and stood up another good boar hog. We got him caught and dispatched pretty quick. It was about 10 am and we drove around to a protein feeder and kicked out. We got a real big boar hog up and run him for about 2 hours before we decided to call the dogs out and get home. My 7 month olds did real good. The gyp puppy made every race and bay. I guess I’m going to have to start breaking them off deer. In the past I’ve always let them run them and just learn with time and lots of hogs. Now that I hunt less I guess I’m going to have to tone/trash break them with my system.

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 on: Yesterday at 08:55:10 pm 
Started by Black Streak - Last post by Goose87
I ain't even read all this but I'll get into the mix and say this, ain't but one way to truly know something is what it's claimed to be unless you go see for your self, heck  boys go put the dogs down and see what you got somewhere else, it's as easy as that, won't have to convince some body something by word if you can go show for yourself, as long as it's done and kept respectable...

 on: Yesterday at 05:31:11 pm 
Started by Rodeodog - Last post by Rodeodog
Got a yella gyp right around a year old. Has been started good and will roll out with other dogs. Iv picked her up over a mile from where I dropped her but normally will be out between 400 and 800 yards. I haven’t hunted her alone so idk what she will do by herself. And she is rough and will normally catch. She has a little bit of hound in her. Only selling her bc I’m about to be out of town working and won’t have time for her. Asking 250.

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 on: Yesterday at 05:28:05 pm 
Started by Black Streak - Last post by Black Streak
Cracker you speak of my dogs and the type that I use as though you have experience with them.   I know you don't because of how you describe them.   To you its a theory and assumption.       You have a theory about these dogs and you try to twist everything into it and what can't be twisted to fit you disregard.      As I've stated i use these dogs in many ways.    Pictures I've posted recently prove it.     Yes i hunt the open stuff but I hunt all types of stuff including brush, woods, swamps, water, it matters not.     I go where the pigs are.  I'm able to be so diverse because the dogs enable it.       Their is nothing magical about an environment that prohibits such dogs from being able to hunt it and do well in it.     Your just being irrational.          
      I've not put you or your dogs down, I have made no stabs at anyone or their dogs.      I created this thread so that all of us as RCD guys can talk about our dogs and share how we use them.    Where was the harm in that?    I do not wish to divide people.     There is already enough misinformation about RCDs and as illustrated by you a ton of misinformation about the type and style that I use.       Why is it so offensive to some that I speak of these dogs.      Do you think i fabricate things? Do you see me in here trying to sale dogs or am I just showing and sharing?     I'm not peddling or even advocating people get these dogs, yet you seem to have implied that earlier in order lend credit to your narrative.              
       There are many things I can do to show more about these dogs.     I can take pictures of the garmin screen showing them 800 yards or 1 a mile but that's not me. I can if you'd like though.       Fact is I want efficiency and diversity. This efficiency in my dog type prevents easy catches from become something more.   It prevents a 200 yard find from becoming an 800 yard catch.  It prevents a pig found here from running over there.  
     I send 2 dogs to a group in a feild.   2 pigs caught right there in the feild.   Then one or two more caught deep in the brush because the same two dogs roled out and went into the woods across big deep creeks and caught more in the brush where the pigs run to.   Often times they role out again and catch another but I'm wet because I've swam a creek or exhausted because I've run so much.        To me that's a job well done by my dogs.  If I don't make my dogs stay at the catch and then clip them on a lead and walk them back they role out.     All you want to see and add to your theory about my dogs is just the crop work.              I walk hunt them, I hunt behind them in a hoopie, I cast them, I sight hunt them, etc etc.   Why limit myself to just one way.     I have this type dog for a reason, because they aren't limited to this or that.  
     Making claims as though they are factual about my dogs or my style despite never having hunted with me and my dogs is improper at a minimum.       I don't really care to say much more again on this.   I hope I have brought clarity to this narrative and debunked some of these ill fated theories.    

 on: Yesterday at 05:17:56 pm 
Started by Black Streak - Last post by l.h.cracker
I suspect you probably use thermal or night vision and play the wind as well hell people in ga been doing that for years and years you can get 10yds from hogs like that easy.Even if your not it's not hard catching hogs you see especially if you play wind and plan a decent stalk.

 on: Yesterday at 04:03:01 pm 
Started by Black Streak - Last post by l.h.cracker
I am sure you have great dogs and infact I'm happy for you I was just saying that you're not the only one and your dogs aren't the only way.Your way of thinking is not new, only new to you because you just started using these dogs a few years ago.I personally don't choose to use my extremely catchy dogs except in certain situations any more.Mainly site hunting which I do very little of and I suspect the majority of your hunting is.I found that nose trailing/winding ability and stock sense is far more valuable to me.Not to mention taking my time.I have asked you in the past how good the noses were on your dogs because I was considering one and you would never answer but its fairly obvious what kind of noses they posses because the breeds being used to make them.I see your pictures they're in the wide open on hogs that you obviously saw and sent your dogs to or they winded in totally wide open hog infested country.When I catch a hog 99% time I can't see the hog until I'm right on top of him and the dogs in the palmettos,gulberries,pepperberries,briars,cutovers,switchgrass,stickmarsh etc.etc. Your terrain is very similar to the Australians and that's why you choose to mimmick them and I get it but it doesn't have a single thing to do with my country or anyone else's on here.I know of many people in Ga that use similar dogs to yours bull/lurcher,Stag/wolf/bull, Danes and Dane crosses but they use them for site work in crops when they need to trail a hog to its bed they use a different dog for the job.If watching a dog catch a pig is all you want to do and you have the open hog infested country to hunt then this type of dog may be fine but it's really nice watching a fine piece of trailing happen on the Garmin when your after a few hogs on a lot of thick country.We all know that you love to argue your dogs play the blacksheep and that this thread was created with the loaded question so you could tell us how much better your dogs are than everyone else's and in certain situations I'm sure they are just as in other situations they'd be made to look foolish by dogs created for the intended use.If you read any history on Fl Crackers and our Cracker Curs there's plenty of writtings on them being used to catch boars and wild cows by themselves.They're just intelligent enough to not commit suicide and wait on their handler to get there before catching out but I promise the rough ones if sent to hogs in the wide open catch and hold as good as any the difference is they also posses extremely good noses.I was sending you pictures of hogs we were sending single dogs to and catching several years ago and you know it.So don't act like this is all new. If you have endless land and endless hogs than pictures of dogs holding hogs is easy hell catching hogs when they're thick as thieves is easy but it's no where near as satisfying as catching one really hard hog and watching some quality dog work.So I guess I took the bait hook line and sinker on your loaded question so there ya go.

 on: Yesterday at 01:54:05 pm 
Started by Black Streak - Last post by Black Streak
Why does it bother yall and get under your skin that I do things differently?       Seems to be a long verbal history of bay breeds  being used to catch their own pigs.     I never said there wasn't but I have never read such things pertaining to the bay breed having been created to catch their own.     It's common to read where they are used in the capturing of boar but not like the claims y'all are starting to make about using them as 1 out dogs to catch pigs with.         
    Since this thread has become something of yall making claims your curs are 1 out dogs then why not show pictures of these curs holding big boar under 1 out fair chase conditions.if it's so common and been done for hundreds of years with bay breeds then surely there must be tons of pictures to substantiate these claims.         
        I mean I can provide several years worth of personal pictures of many different dogs holding their own good pigs under fair chase conditions
     Intuition tells me that you guys getting offended at me just for sharing my style dogs and me giving credit where credit is do, to God for my success and great fortune with these dogs, can not provide the pictures and proof that I so easily can and have been collecting for several years.             

 on: Yesterday at 12:08:19 pm 
Started by Austesus - Last post by Austesus
I believe that was the name of a guy one here that used to post a lot, he ran some real good looking rough yeller dogs. Has anyone heard from him? I enjoyed reading his posts

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 on: Yesterday at 10:47:41 am 
Started by lettmroll - Last post by lettmroll
Yeah I did the right thing going with her, but still would've like to have been there. They was wishing for me to when they was trying to throw him. Lol

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