How to tie a hog?

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So I have seen many people tie hogs using mule tape. I have also seen a few hogs come untied enough to jump out of the truck, or to make a slow get away.
anyway, I know it will probably be hard to explain with words, but what is the quickest easiest way to tie a hog?
or even better what is the right way to tie a hog? big or small.

if someone had time to make a video that would be great. im sure it would be a help to a lot of people.

ive tried searching the internet, and have found nothing.


Florida Curdog:
Use a half hitch on each leg with a knot in the last one. It makes them easy to untie and you can reuse your rope. Pull the legs as close as possible to each other when you tie it and it's not going anywhere.

We use small nylon ropes (never used mule tape but alot of people love it). Tie a half hitch in each and get legs as close together as possible.

If you use mule tape get the kind thats only about 3/16 wide. The wider stuff wont hold a knot, especially when it's new..

It helps when your mule tape is old  and nasty too.
Holds a knot better.


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