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Author Topic: WHIPPET HOUNDS  (Read 2170 times)
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« on: February 25, 2011, 01:49:50 am »

If you find a whippet, I'd breed it to a stockier built dog for sure to give it a little bulk, full blooded whippets are rather brittle in appearance yet very smart and speedy suckers! I really like the catahoula thrown in the mix but that was just a stroke of luck finding that gyp and am very glad i did.  Even still, with catahoulas ranging in size quite a bit w/ different bloodlines and such, they are overall considered to be a fairly hefty/muscular breed, lets call 50lbs+- an average weight for most cats just for this comment's sake.  My point i guess is that even when crossed to a CAT, they can still be quite petite, my WHIPxCAT is still a very small in "bulk" when compared to my cur gyp and other friend's curs so i dont really know what to suggest crossing a whippet with for best results in getting some bulk while still keeping the leggy speed factor of the whippet.  I like her smaller, sleeker, leggier body because shes fast as hell and can get thru brush and fences like its not even there and shes still plenty gritty yet stays smart about it, so im very anxious to see how her pups come out. I bred her to a black&tanXrunning walker out of maurice chamber's old stock so technically theyll be 1/4 of each: CAT,Whippet, Black&Tan, and walker.... odd combo if ive ever heard of one!  Huh?  As for greyhounds, "down-unda' " in auzzie land they have bred bulldogs to greyhounds and some of them look beefcake and aparantly do very well! google "bullygreys" and you should pick up on some sites that show some examples of that cross, they look like a greyhound on steroids! That would be worth a shot for sure and if you do make a bully-grey litter, I WANT ONE haha! here in the next few weeks/months ill keep you posted on how the pups out of my gyp turn out with that bit of hound in them but definitely keep me updated on your ideas and breedings, i think its worth a dive into either way you go. good luck and stay in touch  -Lawson

P.S.: Heres a link i had stored on my favorites, shines some light on this topic!
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