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Author Topic: How to train bay dog?  (Read 7867 times)
Hog Doom
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Dinah Psencik from Dayton Tx.

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« on: July 06, 2011, 03:48:05 pm »

yeah outlaw    draging hog around in a field or yard to start   then drag out in woods      i usually drag 50 to 100 yards   and work  up to i am just tired or dargging     then if dog is going and baying it pretty consistant      take and even tie hogs back legs together  to were it can't leave country and let it go for 20 mins or so and let pup go bay it

good luck with it   let us know how it turns out for u

 Dane, this is what Im wanting to do with our year old pups. We have them going out and hunting with the older dogs but right now because its so hot, they just aren't getting on enough hogs. So I was thinking about taking one of our hogs and tying it legs together loosely and turning it out for the pups to find. At least to keep them going until it cools off a little.

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