fastest and easiest way to tie hogs

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Hey I was wondering if anyone has any certain way they tie their hogs up that is pretty fast and sufficient. A vid would be nice. Just trying to get some new ideas! I use cable ties but the good ones are pretty hard to get off after you tighten em down.

I love ROPE ties! they have always worked the best for me and are a good leash in a pinch...

and cheap!!

you you have to know how to tie a knot.. which i can think of 50 differnt ones that work...

Mule tape and a couple of half hitches

I hate to be the one to state the obvious but the hobbles that any of the suppliers sell are hard to beat on quickness.

Hobbles I got from Epinette in El Dorado suck man. I havent tried any other brand but a 125 lb hog come right outta these.


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