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Author Topic: Know it alls  (Read 1611 times)
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« on: October 04, 2016, 03:49:48 pm »

I'm not one to get my feelings hurt, and I really don't mind someone telling me they think I'm wrong. Hell I was one of the first guys I think dean really laid into because he didn't like the way I referred to a dog as a RCD. After a few private conversations with dean, I'm convinced the man is smarter than your average bear. I'd actually love to see his dogs work. I also think he's a prideful guy like me and probably most of us, I think the biggest disagreement most find with dean, all lies on the fact that he talks about catching hogs in a very elaborate way. Me personally, I don't think it's much harder(essentially) than getting a few stock minded pups. Raise them up, show them some hogs and take them to the woods and keep them there till they make or cull themselves. Now you start getting into better dogs and you can catch MORE hogs with more style. But trust me I've caught some good few hogs with some absolute turd chewers that I wouldn't own today. But back when I started it's what I had and I thought the world of them. I for one have no problem with getting on this board and telling about a hunt and how my dogs absolutely sucked it up all morning and didn't do worth a piss. There other guys one here that I see do the same. I relate to those guys a lot better than some of the guys who mostly talk about either how well their dogs did or they don't talk about them at all. To each their own, I talk about my dogs doing like crap cause I want to hear Opinions and suggestions being that I'm still pretty green. A lot of you guys have been doing this for a long time, you have your methods set in stone so you don't need feedback when your dogs do something weird or wrong cause you've seen most of it. 99% of this doggin thing is opinion based. There are a few sure things, but those things have almost nothing to do with how a dog has to hunt or the kind you have to run to catch hogs. Just that you don't post cut up dogs, you don't poach, don't sell a cull. Stuff like that. Nobody knows what they don't know. Kinda school girlish to get upset over some opinions, but it's enjoyable to go back and forth, nothing wrong with some good conversation and maybe some good ribbing every once in a while if you know the guy. No reason to go out of your way to step on someone's toes though.

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We run dillo dogs that trash on hogs
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