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Author Topic: Thermal/Night Vision Impact  (Read 903 times)
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« on: September 13, 2019, 07:37:30 am »

It definitely is going on around here too. I haven't noticed a real impact but I know some of the guys doing it and they do have pretty good luck. I do think the hogs are gonna evolve or adapt to the night vision and heli hunters as well. They are smart, they learned to flee from pressure and I think they will learn what types of pressure to ride out and which types to flee. JMO! As for those hunters screwing up hunting spots, it's going to happen, guaranteed! People are disrespectful, selfish, inconsiderate, cut throat, a$$holes anymore! I don't have a problem calling a land owner ANYTIME  that I see where someone else has tore up or destroyed property or injured livestock. They don't care so it doesn't bother me to make sure that their sorry butt isn't creating problems for me or my land owners. Call it snitching or whatever. The way I see it, they are flipping me and the property owner the finger so I'll just break it off. They can come confront me if they don't like it. My bet is they won't! I also go.out of my way for my land owners. I have fixed fences, penned neighboring cattle, got trees off the fences, put out hay, checked salt water tanks at oil wells, helped pull calves, etc. for my land owners. Last week one of them told me that he got into it with another neighbor a couple places over because that neighbor said he was going to call someone to come run the hogs. He told him 2 people had permission to hunt hogs on his place and that's all that was gonna be on there. If he needed hogs ran to call one of us. The 2nd guy doesn't even hunt anymore so that leaves me. I called in a some people (a theft ring) that I saw at his barn once. All his loyalty cost me was a phone call.

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