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Author Topic: Thermal/Night Vision Impact  (Read 920 times)
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« on: September 13, 2019, 08:57:25 am »

well the good ol thermal talk.....
south east GA- night vision is thang of the past its mostly all thermal
at first I  fought tooth and nail and carry on about it but Its been going on for long time but has been real real big for last several years - thinking they gone ruin my hunting spot- no doubt they can put a hurt on them but they cant get em all- what helps us is smaller fields- but I can see where out west it would hurt more than here
branches and heads all the way around fields here- 97% of the shooters cant shoot a running hog so most of time only one or two hogs get shot before they in the woods and cant be seen-

what I have seen is it don't last- shooting hogs is pretty dumb and pretty boring if you ask me but I may be also alittle partial to running dogs and also I have never shot a hog unless it was with my pistol in the ear hole to clean one after we tied it- so I may be wrong about all of this but whatever- it normally goes whooohooooo I shot a hog last night - whohhoo I shot a hog last night to whoho I shot a hog last night - it don't last it gets old to them shooters- unlike dog hunting every hunt is different

got a very good friend of mine- he hunted with me some and then he got into this shooting hogs and hasn't been back with me-id call him major league big time scared of the dark shooter have to have a thermal)real men catch hogs girls shoot hogs  Grin Grin and he say I was major league big time hog dogger with them black butt currs  Grin Grin
so there got to be alil silent competition ( like most everything else)- he would go out three or 4 nights a week and shoot a few hogs this lasted bout a year and aint been back- but I run dogs one or two days a week always have but never more than that over the last 9 or 10 years\
his shooting numbers to my catching numbers were pretty close but im sure he shot more than I caught on some occasions- but quality of hogs! there is no comparison! - he started off with a decent few hogs and it got to just little small crap them big hogs learned that trick and trust me he wernt shooting big hogs cause they wernt big hogs there- this place he was shooting has big hogs- always has- so I would tell him, hey bud shoot the small ones - a big dead hog is useless to you- leave the big ones for me lol

 3 years ago I hunted a farm and have hunted this farm long time and caught a bunch and I mean a bunch of hogs there - so farmer got a guy to come shoot hogs and I told him I wont be back unless that shooter cant come back- I am now hunting the farm again lol I took a hog by his house that we caught and tied with a small hole through the bottom of his neck - hey bud here is your big time shooters hog lol

so what I am saying is the thermal does some damage but I cant tell a huge difference around here- some places it impacts more than others depending on the pressure obviously-  but like I said I am sure it is way different out west- ive  hunted out west a good bit so,, but wish yall the best and happy hunting

just my 1 or 2 cents on this

Thank God for Mama and Daddy and for the whoopings I got that I needed
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