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Author Topic: Why do you hunt the dogs you do?  (Read 2358 times)
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« on: October 10, 2019, 08:11:36 am »

That was a good read Goose and brought up some names I have not thought of in a while. When I first started me and a buddy would take a bulldog and ride down the Levy in the evening and when we would spot hogs we would get on the opposite side of the levey and get straight across from them. We would ease that bulldogs head over and when he saw the hogs we would turn him loose. lol Caught about one hog out of 5 doing that. Was going to shoe a horse for a guy and when he limped out to the barn I asked him what happened. He told me a boar hog got him when him and his Dad were hoghunting. That got my attention and when I was done with his horse, we went over to his Dad's to look at his dogs. They used to work hogs when they had open range just a couple of years before and they still went out trying to catch hogs up. These were Catahoulas but did not look anything like the Catahoulas of today. They were 50-60# slim built dogs that could work all day and not wear out. They used them on cows and hogs. None of the blocky headed Cats you see today. Anyway Sal gave me a young 8 month old leopard male and I named him Dawg. When I first started taking him to the woods he was a ball of fire. He didnt know what he was supposed to be hunting but he sure was hunting something. Got him on his first hog and after that he knew. He could run all day and  started off very catchy. A lot of times we woud have to listen for a hog to squel to know where he was. I had some Plotts that I was trying on hogs and this dog could outlast the Plotts and when they gave out, he would go on and bay the hog.  He stayed 25 hours on a bear in Canada with a couple of Joe Hudsons dogs.
  Anyway, I was hunting with Robert L. Hopgood a good bit and we bred Dawg to his Black Gal female. I kept a couple of females and they were good dogs. They could stick 4-6 hours on a running hog but did not have that all day ability, but good dogs. I bred the Stinger gyp to a cur I called Couger that was a pretty good dog and kept a male that I named Shaq. He was a really nice dog that had it all. The only problem was he could not reproduce himself and to be fair to him we never bred him to dogs of his caliber.
  By then I had some pretty good Plotts and the turnout ratio was so much better, I just stuck with the Plotts and that is where I am today.

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