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Author Topic: Why do you hunt the dogs you do?  (Read 2379 times)
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« on: October 10, 2019, 06:39:20 pm »

Goose, I was talking about Frankie Wheat and Robert Lee Hopgood.  Charlie Gainse and I used to hunt with him a good bit back about 35 years or so. Quick funny story, We were hunting a cornfield with Robert Lee and hogs had been there sometime during the evening before and after about 1/2 hour of the dogs milling around I heard Dawg baying. He must have been about 3/4 of a mile and we went in and caught about a 175# boar. Robert Lee asks me if he thought Dawg had trailed him out of the cornfield and I replied. Well Rob, if it was one of your dogs out there baying and we had fresh hog sign in the field here, dont you think he trailed it out of the cornfield. Rob said point taken. lol He didnt like it tho when someones dogs out did his and he had good dogs. Dawg just had that ability to make good dogs look bad.

I wasn’t very clear, my apology, I meant to ask who were the guys you got Dawg from, ole Frankie is a card and definitely one of a kind local living legend type, he’s loved and hated, I don’t think there’s a man alive whose caught more hogs on the pearl river than him, albeit he was usually slipping at night, had a corn pile on somebody else land and also knew every high ridge in the swamp when the river got high he went into hog mode, he might not have always done things the right way in life but will forever have my respect, he was the only hog hunter who would let me tag along when I was young and paw paw and my uncles had all but hung it up and I had no one to go with, all through little league he was involved a lot and made sure every kid was tended to and had a ride to and from practice and games no matter their skin color, he used to let me come stay the night with him to go hunting the next morning, my mother used to bring me and my dogs in her van and drop me off over there, I stopped in town to talk to Francis last Friday and he came rolling up on us, me and Rob became friends several years before he passed and became close, no matter if I had cattle to sell or not I was at the sale barn every Tuesday to sit with him and talk dogs and learn his ways and reasons cattle buying and farming, he was a country boy who worked the land his entire life and carved out a great living for him and his entire family off his farm, he was a pretty brilliant individual and for whatever reason took a liking to me and bought me an old mason bred male to breed from up north MS, I really do miss him and our conversations, years ago Rob was wanting more of a challenge hog hunting and bought several pure Russian boars and bred them to local sows, years after he was to old to hunt he told me that was a HUGE mistake because he got way more challenge than he anticipated...
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