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Author Topic: Why do you hunt the dogs you do?  (Read 2364 times)
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« on: October 10, 2019, 07:38:14 pm »

I met Finney Clay once about 20 years ago. Harold got a lot of dogs from him. He was cat hunting with an old guy from south texas. We were hunting the same places then. I wish I knew back then how good his dogs were supposed to be. I would of talked to him more about them! Lol

Cajun! I have hunted with Harold twice and he showed me a cat each time. First time he came over and we went behind the house and he dumped 1/2 dozen or so running walkers out and I am having mental nightmares about chasing these dogs all over the club. They got ahead of the truck and by the time we roaded them a mile, I knew they were straight because if they wanted to run a deer or a coyote they would have already had one jumped. We went about 3 miles and his dogs started getting busy with their head down, tails wagging. They trailed that cat for about 20 minutes and jumped. after about 20 minutes Harold said it was about time for that cat to start pulling some tricks and sure enough the dogs made a lose. About 2 minutes later they had him up and going again and caught him on the ground after about 45 ore minutes. We walked into them and they had about a 20# cat. Harold told the dogs to heel and everyone of them got behind him and followed him to the truck. He put the tailgate down and they all loaded up without him putting a hand on them. I thought if he can do that with running walkers, I can   do that with Plotts. After that all my older dogs have that kind of handle.
  2nd hunt was a carbon copy of the first and even jumped the cat in the same area. We saw this cat 3 times and Harold said he would go about 30#. After 2 hours or so the cat headed out and was headed to the highway. Harold said he hated to do it but he had to break up the race and catch the dogs before they hit the highway. He started blowing his horn and 9 hounds broke off a hot cat race and came straight to the truck. I was impressed again at the control he had over his dogs so I started working on mine. lol

I’ve haven’t had the chance to check off the bucket list of going cat hunting with him, as the street saying goes “ real recognizes real”, I have had the pleasure on several occasions to watch him control about 20 man eating kelpies and 600 head of 7-8 weight yearlings all while sitting in his truck  with about 3 different tri tronics  units giving commands to each dog and honking his horn and backing up slowly to the pen set up as they slowly brought the cattle into
The pens I was awe struck and knew then he was the real deal, anyone but him  even so much as looked at that box full of kelpies was getting bit but him, although he was watchful when opening the dog box after dang near all them bailed up on tail gate and he never had to put a hand on the first one, I too as well thought to myself that if he was able to have dogs handling like that than after some time I could...
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