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Author Topic: Why do you hunt the dogs you do?  (Read 2370 times)
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« on: October 14, 2019, 10:20:05 am »

Mostly because they were free or I already I had them. The ones I bought when I first started were someone else’s trash. After I cleared through the bs it was just me possum and chief two dogs I owned before I started hunting. The other 3 or 4 were just there. Then I saw where a man locally was giving away his redbone that he had labeled as a help dog that stayed behind his lead dog so I was like maybe he learned a thing or two following and lead dog. And boy he did I guess he was a me too dog until he no one to lead the way. While I was there picking him up he also gave me his son that had never been started he’s turning out quite nice too. His son will put teeth on one but he will not. Possum on the other hand is pretty tight. Chief has been a rcd or lead in. My friend down the road let me pay off his cur which is really nice he’s a tad loose but I like that. A few months later the man that gave me the redbone and his son wanted me to keep his lead dog in shape and he also lended me a strike vest a tracking collar and shock system to keep him in check. Now I have a pretty decent pack we don’t always find hogs but we sometimes stumble upon one and give it hell lol. I’m figuring them out more and more each time we hunt. I bred my cur to my Favorite pit I have and hopefully will come up with a little more rougher dog than he with just as much hunt and good nose crossing my fingers. May breed back to a hound or another cur

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