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Author Topic: Why do you hunt the dogs you do?  (Read 2359 times)
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« on: November 07, 2019, 04:14:05 pm »

I think this is probably more directed to people that have been in this sport for quite some time, but I’ll chime in. My current pack consists of the following; Dum Dum, my lead strike dog, he is game pit x to Ladner BMC. His mom was a RCD and the Dad was an extremely long range, soft baying, open BMC. He was cold nosed and wouldn’t quit a track until he had a pig. Way more bottom than most people (myself included) would want in a dog. Dum Dum hunts out between 200-300yds until he strikes a track, and then will go a little over a mile. If it’s not stopped by then he’s coming back. He’s silent and straight catch. I also have his littermate, a female named Mine. I got them both already started from by buddy Donnie. I got him when he was a year old and got her about 5-6 months later. She hunts about the same, just doesn’t take lead. The next dog is Mines daughter, the father is my catch dogs brother. This female named Punk hasn’t found her own yet but she’s in the races and is silent and straight catch. She’s small but dear lord she will tear a pigs face off and she’s only about a year and a half old. She’s gonna be a really good dog I believe. Then I have my catch dog who was just my house pet bull dog until I started hunting. The other dog is my BMC scooter, he’s about 2.5 years old but hasn’t been hunted much because I only have 4 tracking collars and he’s open. I think he’s gonna be like his dad (who is the father of Dum Dum and Mine). And last but not least I have two young dogs from Justin Corbell that should be really good. They’re about ready to start and will change my style of hunting if they turn out like their parents. More cast style dogs opposed to all my dogs that I walk hunt.

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