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Author Topic: 1 Bay Dog, 1 Catch Dog + Bushy Terrain  (Read 671 times)
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« on: February 14, 2020, 07:10:48 pm »

This is why I always liked bulldogs that don’t go full freight train into a bay. A bulldog that will work to a bay and pick his shot, is a needle in a haystack, but the few I’ve seen, didn’t miss often, no matter how many or what was baying that hog. Personally when I was using a catchdog and only 1 bay dog, which I was quite often over about a year period, I put eyes on the hog before ever sending the bulldog, but that bay dog was a good bitch and certainly would help catch. Is this bay dog a front end dog? Biggest thing In my opinion as far as using 1 or 2 bay dogs, is a lot just want to st d there and face bark. All the hog has to do is turn and run. A dog that will actually work a hog, and really bay, rather than just bark, in my opinion, has a better shot at keeping hogs bayed one out, especially when brush starts crashing from a catch dog on his way.

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We run dillo dogs that trash on hogs
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