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Author Topic: 1 Bay Dog, 1 Catch Dog + Bushy Terrain  (Read 669 times)
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« on: February 15, 2020, 09:02:42 am »

This is why I always liked bulldogs that don’t go full freight train into a bay. A bulldog that will work to a bay and pick his shot, is a needle in a haystack, but the few I’ve seen, didn’t miss often, no matter how many or what was baying that hog. Personally when I was using a catchdog and only 1 bay dog, which I was quite often over about a year period, I put eyes on the hog before ever sending the bulldog, but that bay dog was a good bitch and certainly would help catch. Is this bay dog a front end dog? Biggest thing In my opinion as far as using 1 or 2 bay dogs, is a lot just want to st d there and face bark. All the hog has to do is turn and run. A dog that will actually work a hog, and really bay, rather than just bark, in my opinion, has a better shot at keeping hogs bayed one out, especially when brush starts crashing from a catch dog on his way.

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Slim.....the bay dog is a front end, slash & circle style bay dog. He is 100% loose baying and will not put himself in a bad spot alone. When he has room to operate, he will get to the front and do his best to get and keep one’s attention. He will turn, give ground and get back in front of a big hog charges him. He even faces up and backs up facing the hog when he has room to operate. I’ve discouraged him from catching shoats which has probably removed the little grit he had naturally. The places we are baying these hogs is just too thick for a single bay dog to tighten up and control a hog.
I’ve moved to pure loose, finesse style bay dogs after pouring my heart and soul into a couple tight baying, gritty bay dogs only to have them get killed around 4 years old when they were just finishing into nice dogs. I’m at a point where I’d rather get beat than lose a bay dog. This is just the price I pay for running too few of the type of dog I like.

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Leon Keys
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